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Ready mix dry plaster Manufacturer in Surat - Airs

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Price: $ 4.00 USD
Listing Began: June 13, 2018
Listing ID: 45740
Seller: chandang
City: Mumbai
State: OT
Zip: 400004
Country: India
Phone: 9726807434

kig5094Ready mix Cement Plaster Airson chemical, is a special ready mix plastering material for plastering AAC blocks.These can also be used for plastering bricks and concrete blocks. The Airson Chemical Ready mix plaster is a mix of high quality polymer additives and binders. Airson Chemical Ready Mix Plaster or mortar is manufactured in modern dry mix plant with the computerized batch process. Plaster is ready to use by just mixing water at the site. This process eliminates job-site mixing practices. Surat, Gujarat, India contact Mo. 9726807434